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Martin CCS is a boutique company with a network of coaches, trainers and consultants to provide Certified Associate Coach Training Programs, workshops, group and individual coaching services.

We transform what is possible into reality.  We shorten the gap between action and results.  We create synergy within people and between relationships that previously was unimaginable.  We create a new reality beyond what was thought to be possible.  Together with you we create a new world.

We are passionate about empowering your personal and professional leadership so that you can open new doors,  be the best you can be as an individual and organisation.

Certified Associate Coach (CAC) Training Program

An 8 day Certified Associate Coach Training Program that transforms the way you interact with people and relate to life itself, giving you the ability to apply for ACC Credential with International Coaching Federation.
  • Do you want to have a greater ability to make a difference to others?
  • Do you aspire for yourself and others to be the best possible?
  • Do you feel people can achieve so much more with the right support, encouragement and inspiration to grow?
  • Do you wish to have the skills to be able to help yourself and others be their best?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have the power and potential to make a career in coaching!

Coaching is one of the most powerful methods for achieving the transformation you are capable of to maximise the fulfilment and results in your life or organisation.

 We have a network of certified coaches across Asia that can work with your personal and organisational needs to create the breakthrough that you are capable of achieving.

According to the International Coach Federation, 70% of clients found coaching valuable in helping them achieve their results. It has been proven that training with coaching increased productivity rate by 86% as compared to 22% from training alone.

We offer a range of customizable & sizable workshops to empower excellence in teenagers, parents, high achievers and organisations.

Imagine living each day with a sense of purpose beyond yourself.

Imagine reducing the gap between actions and results.

Imagine being your best in every moment of your life.

Our powerful 5 step system, developed by combining ancient wisdom, neuroscience research and the art of coaching, explores the power of your MIND, PERCEPTION, HABITS, ACTIONS and LANGUAGE.

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  • "I did an introduction program with Avni Martin. The program highly exceeded my expectations and had many "aha" moments, including a lot of fun elements. Avni Martin is remarkable in her presentation and her passion for the subject matter makes the class. The program is exceptional, has intellectually stimulating content, highly practical and definitely a worth investment."

    Ritu Jain GauravPrincipal Consultant, Itechsysnet Pte. Ltd.
  • “Thank you for today's session Avni, it has been very informative, self-realising and thought provoking set in a very safe and great learning environment. You have delivered a personal human aspect to life which made it easy to take away learning and apply in our lives.  I would highly recommend your life coaching workshops to anyone who seek to discover themselves and be an inspiration to others too.”

    Linda LingSales Director, Wellness Consulting
  • “It’s a great workshop.  A very good investment.  The coaching learnt here has opened up the opportunity to self reflect and solve my issues in life."

    Helen TehCO/CPRM, Prudential Fund Management
  • “The workshop is refined, simple and powerful.  I strongly believe that past students need to revisit this workshop to continue to bring value in their coaching journey.” 

    Rajiv MattewsCertified Professional Sales Coach
  • “It was a fantastic session.  Plenty learnt and to chew upon.  Gives me confidence that I can get there.”

    Munin KaurHR Manager, Aker Solutions
  • “Very well structured throughout the program which has made the whole learning meaningful to me as a person and to my organization.”

    UmanathGeneral Manager, Mettube
  • “Very useful program not just from a ‘coaching’ point of view but also from a management and life skills/communication aspect.”

    Max PurserGeneral Manager South East Asia, Alltech
  • “Thank you.  I believe that knowledge is powerful and this course was very empowering.”

    Lola Chettiex Magistrate, Mauritius
  • "Wonderful programs and useful. Coaching is a living skill for everyone on this wonderful world.”

    Andreas VogiatzakisManaging Director, OMD
  • I learned how to raise self awareness to others and the steps to connect our agents to challenge them to achieve their results.