Accredited Coach Training Program


The 8 full day Coach Training Program that transforms the way you interact with people and relate to life itself

Like all living things, our brain is constantly and forever changing. We can turn it into a beautiful ‘fruit bearing garden’ of our choice with clarity, direction and attention, or we may let it turn into a wild forest that one has no control over.

  • Are you passionate about making a difference to others?
  • Would you like to develop the skills to do this even better?
  • Do you feel people can achieve much more than they think?
  • Are you inspired to consider training to help others and yourself be their best?
  • What will you gain if you enter the world of empowerment, growth and awareness?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have the power and potential to benefit from coach training! If this excites you then we are waiting to hear from you and our program is exactly what will ignite the journey to empower your world!

What is Coaching?

Traditionally the world of sports comes to mind when we think of a ‘Coach’, where an athlete is pushed to achieve their best and maximise their potential.

Life or Executive Coaching is a creative and thought provoking partnership to maximise the clients’ personal and professional potential. The role of the coach is to provide skilled presence to listen powerfully, create absolute clarity, structure the conversation, maintain unwavering focus on the goals, inspire action plan and agree firm accountabilities to empower the client in accomplishing the goal.

This involves a process of discovery where clients becomes aware of self-limiting beliefs, perceptions or blind-spots, and finds their own solutions. This method is proven to be powerful in delivering change at a deeper level and longer lasting than being told what to do.

Why be an ICF Certified Coach?


The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global association for professional coaches with over 22,000 members in more than 100 countries, with responsibility of developing the profession, setting ethical standards and accrediting coaches worldwide.

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As an ICF Certified Coach trained by us, you will:

  • Be globally recognised and benefit from the lifelong support by ICF
  • Gain even more recognition and respect inside your company
  • Be able to start your own business to generate greater freedom, wealth and fulfilment
  • Have the key to unlock your own and others’ potential
  • Grow as a person, parent, employee, leader or business owner

Benefits of Professional Coaching?

Coaching has been proven to be beneficial for personal and leadership development, empowering business and individuals to grow to their fullest potential.  According to a survey published by the ICF:

  • 99% were satisfied they used coaching services
  • 96% would repeat the process to use coaches again
  • 86% of companies got full return on investment
  • 700% return on investment is expected for executive coaching*

*Source ICF Global Coaching Client Study Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Association Resource Centre Inc.   Coaching is the fastest growing industries in the world and 94% in the industry believe it is here to stay long term with US is spending over $1 billion a year on corporate coaching.

Why choose us?


Coaching Course Graduates


Martin Consulting and Coaching Solution working with Corporate Coach Academy of Malaysia, delivers to you:

  • A world-class ICF-accredited coach program
  • A fast track route to professional coaching
  • Programs that are delivered fully face to face in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Modular learning system which enables you to learn at your own pace
  • Maximum personal attention with a small group size of less than 8 participants
  • Exposed to our powerful system of empowerment developed by combining ancient wisdom with neuroscience research
  • An active network of graduates and choice to join the prestigious Malaysian Association Of Certified Coaches (MACC)

Our programs add practical value to your life from the start.  It is designed to be fun, interactive using a variety of learning modalities to suit everyone.   Our students range from all walks of life and countries both in Asia and worldwide.   With our structured learning program anyone can learn the skills to become a globally certified coach able to empower their own and others’ lives.

Who is the Certified Associate Coach (CAC) program suitable for?

  The CAC program is suitable for anyone who wants to:

  • Start a new career that is portable and fulfilling
  • Enhance personal mastery, leadership and communication skills
  • Gain a recognised certification program for personal and professional growth
  • Contribute to themselves, their employer, family or community
  • Maximise the power of our mind and how to achieve the best in life

People from all walks of life undertake our CAC program, below are a few listed:

  • Employees in HR, management, company directors and senior leaders
  • Business consultants, management consultants, image consultants
  • Child care parents returning to work
  • Teachers, principals, councillors, or complimentary professions
  • Retired individuals, community leaders, charity, missionary or church officials
  • Other coaches who wish to advance their skills

Anyone who wants to benefit from enhanced communication skills to create positive growth

Overview of Certified Associate Coach Program (CAC)

Our CAC program meets and exceeds all the ICF requirement of hours, standards and components for the ACC credential.

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100 client coaching hours will need to be accumulated, logged, and submitted to ICF for the application of the ACC credential via ACSTH route and we will support you as best as we can for this.

*You will coach the course leader on a coaching issue in order to receive feedback and sharpens the experience of applying the skills learned. **This is an internal exam undertaken with CCA to prepare you for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) that you will complete online directly with ICF. insert in coach training page 1.png

Our Course Leaders

Our course leaders, Avni and Mike are certified coaches registered with ICF and passionate about delivering an unparalleled coach training to every single participant.

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Avni Martin (ACC BSc) is based in Singapore and the founder of Martin Consulting and Coaching Solutions and the franchise partner of Corporate Coach Academy (Asia’s leading coach training academy), bringing the world class Brand Laureate Award winning brand name in Coaching & Training in Asia Pacific to Singapore. Her professional experience started in management consulting, followed by growing an SME in the UK, working in leadership development in Singapore, and at the same time creating wealth in real estate investments over the last 15 years.  As an Associate Certified Coach registered with ICF, Avni has 15 years of experience in developing people, businesses and leadership. She is passionate about empowering others in being their best, brings a lot of energy to her training and runs a series of personal development workshops called Empower Your Excellence.    

Chief Coach Michael Heah is the CEO and Founder of Corporate Coach Academy and Corporate Coach, former Adjunct Professor for University Utara Malaysia, Chairman of the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches and founder and first President of ICF, Malaysia Chapter. He is the recipient of the world class Brand Laureate Icon Leadership for his outstanding contributions to Coaching in the region. He is a well-known personality in Coaching, an author of 2 coaching books, a columnist on coaching both locally and internationally and a coaching thought leader. He is credited to have brought Coaching into this part of the world. An internationally renowned coach, he is also the first Malaysian with the ICF-Credentialed Master Certified Coach status.   He has more than 30 years of corporate experience at senior management level in a cross section of industries. Michael is inspiring, charismatic and pragmatic, which are powerful ingredients to propel people to the next level of their growth and progress.

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