Open Program Schedule

Certified Associate Coach (CAC) Training Program



(23rd November – 29th January)

Module 1 – Coaching Power Tools ™

Module 2 – Empowerment Coaching Tools™

Module 3 – High Performance Coaching™

Module 4 – Coaching Clinic™

BONUS MODULE – Practice & Transform™





Certified Associate Coach (CAC) Program
(8 + 2 BONUS day)

S$4500 for Course Fee Module 1,2,3, 4 (includes FREE Bonus Module Practice & Transform) S$300 for Registration S$140 for CAC Exam TOTAL S$4940 (around USD$3400)

Individual Modules (2 days)

$1200 per module if paid individually S$300 for Registration S$140 for CAC Exam

Early Bird Promotion*

Register before 30th October 2015 and save S$300 from CAC Course Fees (*limited spaces available at promotional price)

Referral Fee Promotion**

Refer a friend for the program and upon their registration, you will receive 5% of their Course Fees as our gesture of gratitude.


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Empower Your Excellence Series

EYE ™ Workshops for Teenagers & Parenting



Dates scheduled in June and July 2015.

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  • I just want to thank you so much for doing this work. From the bottom of my heart, this course is amazing!  Really amazing. I am learning and growing so much, as an individual and as a coach-in-training!  Thank you for your patience and all the allowances you gave me. I really appreciate it.

    Florence Soh
  • “This is a program I would recommend to anyone who is seriously interested in coaching.”

    Manohari SabaratnamSenior Manager, Celcom
  • “A must training for all managers within 3 years of promotion.  A very important skill to coach agents to improve their result & peak performance. I personally have gained a lot of practical approach to coach my agent. I was able to endorse my leadership and bring results to my agent, it is the most valuable training I have ever invested!!”

    See Tah ShyanPrudential
  • I learned how to raise self awareness to others and the steps to connect our agents to challenge them to achieve their results.

  • “If you want to be a successful AM, Coaching course is a MUST for you to bring the Right people in your Agency and be peak performance. This course can help you to be a total whole person mentality. For me, I will do differently if I attend this course before my promotion. After attended the course, I realize I made so much mistake in coaching Agents.”

    Jenny YeohPrudential
  • “Tried out the power questions on one of our candidates who is trying to decide which job offer to take. It was amazing! I didn’t even have to sell my company! All I did was ask questions, listen, discern her responses and ask for commitment. You can see the wheels in her head turning at her own responses.  It was so impactful and only took me ½ hour versus 45 mins – 1 hour if I were to go to on my “HR Consultant Mode.”

    Shereen KaurLearning for Development Manager, Loreal
  • "Wonderful programs and useful. Coaching is a living skill for everyone on this wonderful world.”

    Andreas VogiatzakisManaging Director, OMD
  • “Thank you.  I believe that knowledge is powerful and this course was very empowering.”

    Lola Chettiex Magistrate, Mauritius
  • “Very useful program not just from a ‘coaching’ point of view but also from a management and life skills/communication aspect.”

    Max PurserGeneral Manager South East Asia, Alltech
  • “You gave me very good advice that made me wake up to my reality. So I am now very enthusiastic about my patients and it shows up in my focus. I have spoken to Dr Maj and given him some homework to do. I am getting more patients for the complementary healing. I feel that the energy I send out makes these changes happen almost immediately as soon as my consciousness shifts. Truly, the blockages are in the mind but it takes a coach to help one see!”

    Dr Suriya OsmanMelaka