About Us

Who we are

Martin CCS is a boutique company with a network of coaches, trainers and consultants to provide Certified Associate Coach Training Programs & Coaching Workshops for individuals, teams and organisations.

We transform what is possible into reality.  We shorten the gap between action and results.  We create synergy within people and between relationships that previously was unimaginable.  We create a new reality beyond what was thought to be possible.  Together with you we create a new world.

We are passionate about empowering your personal and professional leadership so that you can open new doors,  be the best you can be as an individual and organisation.

Our Team

Our Director of Coaching & Training, Avni Martin, is an ICF credentialled Professional Certified Coach (PCC), mentor and trainer with 15 years of experience in developing people, businesses and leadership.  Avni brings a lot of experience and energy to her training and is passionate about delivering unparalleled coach training to every single participant.

With degree from Imperial College, London, Avni started her career in HR and Management Consulting, followed by developing her own company in UK before moving to Singapore, where she worked for a prominent leadership development organisation.

Based in Singapore, Avni is the founded Martin Consulting and Coaching Solutions which was the sole franchise partner of one of the leading coach training schools, developing their business and delivering world class coaching and training.

Avni volunteers as a Board Member and Director of Research for International Coach Federation Singapore Chaptersince 2016, where she has initiated two pioneering projects to create awareness and advancement of the coaching profession in Asia and beyond. Projects include developing the first of a kind series of coaching video demonstrations that will be published on ICF website and 2020 Study of Trends in Interventions for Organisational Development (OD) across South East Asia working with 9 ICF Chapters, 3 prominent HR Associations and 100s of professionals in the OD industry.

We have a dedicated network of coaches who are trained by us, that we work with to bring specialist functions, as required by the project.

We have a dedicated network of coaches who are trained by us, that we work with to bring specialist functions, as required by the project.

Our Vision

Martin CCS is a boutique company based in Singapore with a vision to make a profound difference to our world through coaching, training, personal and leadership development to illuminate deep self awareness in our the minds, removes blind spots as an individual, group, team, community or organisation so that we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Our Mission

We do this by helping more people become world class accredited professional coaches recognised anywhere in the world as the best in the industry. Find out more

We do this by transferring key coaching skills to leaders to help them empower their leadership styles in a way that gets the best out of their greatest resources, people around them, making an immeasurable impact on the results, happiness and commitment of their staff. Find out more

We do this by helping executives maximise their personal and professional potential by being their best. Find out more

We do this by doing coaching workshops in the community for families, parents, couples, teenagers and youth to have better relationships with one another, create bridges of positive and peaceful communication with specialist coaches.  Find out more

We do this by making a difference to one life at a time.