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Coaching is one of the most powerful methods for achieving the results you want in your life.  We have a network of certified coaches across Asia that can work with your personal and organisational needs to create the breakthrough that you are capable of achieving.

According to the International Coach Federation, 70% of clients found coaching valuable in helping them achieve their results. It has been proven that training with coaching increased productivity rate by 86% as compared to 22% from training alone.

What is coaching?

Executive Coaching is a creative and thought provoking partnership to maximise the client’s personal and professional potential. The role of the coach is to provide skilled presence to listen powerfully, create absolute clarity, structure the conversation, maintain unwavering focus on the goals, inspire an action plan and agree firm accountabilities to empower the client in accomplishing the goal.   This involves a process of discovery where client becomes aware of self-limiting beliefs, perceptions or blind-spots, and finds their own solutions. This method is proven to be powerful in delivering change at a deeper level and longer lasting than being told what to do.

What are the benefits of professional coaching?

Coaching has been proven to be beneficial for personal and leadership development, empowering business and individuals to grow to their fullest potential.  According to a survey published by the ICF:

  • 99% were satisfied they used coaching services
  • 96% would repeat the process to use coaches again
  • 86% of companies got full return on investment
  • 700% return on investment is expected for executive coaching*

*Source ICF Global Coaching Client Study Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Association Resource Centre Inc.   Coaching is the fastest growing industries in the world and 94% in the industry believe it is here to stay long term with US is spending over $1 billion a year on corporate coaching.

Who can benefit from hiring a coach?

Anyone can benefit from hiring a coach who wants:

  • More happiness, fulfilment and growth
  • Greater clarity, structure and accountability
  • To achieve more than what they are currently doing
  • More from life, work and themselves
  • To grow their businesses and results
  • To discover innovative ways of do things more effortlessly
  • To reduce the gap between thoughts, actions and results!

What is the difference between Coaching, Consulting and Counselling?

Like a sports coach, business coaches help to teach, train and motivate companies to better performance. Coaching helps owners run their companies more successfully.


Coaching is simply assisting another person in getting to a desired result. A coach in business is similar to a coach in sports. Sometimes a coach teaches you. Sometimes a coach motivates you to implement what you already know. Sometimes a coach pushes you to try a new exercise. Sometimes a coach will expand your awareness about what is possible. In business, all of these are true as well. The bottom line for most businesses is to hire a coach that will use all of these methods to produce improvements in skills, attitudes or profit margins.


Consulting is generally done by hiring an expert in the industry to come in and analyze a business, produce a report of its condition then exit. A coach is not necessarily a technical expert in the industry; the business owner is already that. A coach will have the business skills to understand the basics of how your business is operating and where it could improve. After identifying these areas for improvement, a coach will work with you to actually implement steps for achieving your goals.


Counselling helps people deal with their past experiences and feelings to produce future healing. It generally requires going to a licensed psychologist/ psychiatrist. Coaching typically assumes the person is already whole or will go to a therapist to deal with emotional issues.  Business coaches work less with emotions and more on creating plans for future business success. We help healthy people live their lives at a higher level.

All our coaches are certified members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and are bound by its strict code of ethics and professionalism.  We provide confidential coaching services to board level and senior staff across Asia.

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