Empower YOUR Excellence

Imagine living each day with a sense of purpose beyond yourself?

Imagine reducing the gap between actions and results?

Imagine being your best in every moment of your life?

Would consider it wise to invest just 2 days of your life now to give yourself the opportunity & tools to live in a way that give you more:

  • freedom
  • time
  • happiness
  • security
  • growth

Our powerful 5 step system, developed by combining ancient wisdom, neuroscience research and art of coaching, explores the power of your MIND, PERCEPTION, HABITS, ACTIONS, LANGUAGE.

Our workshop will give you the tools to gain confidence, overcome obstacles and achieve success in anything you want – be it an external result or an internal way of being.

If you are interested to Empower Your Excellence please contact us to register for the 2 Day Event now.


Date: 9th & 10th December 2014

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Central, TBC, includes lunch

Invest: UP S$500 and S$400 only for registration before 30th October, limited seats

If you prefer to attend our fun, interactive and power-packed preview first to get a more in-depth understanding of what you will get from the 2 day workshop please call us to register on one of our open preview days:  S$50 for 3 hours

Day 1 Course Details


Getting to know each other, setting expectations

Morning Tea Break

Neuroscience, who you are, why you are the way you are, needs analysis, emotions, our way of being.


All perception is influenced by memory, emotion, intention and attention, and is therefore incredibly fluid and malleable. Therefore, if perception creates our reality, does it mean that reality is fluid and malleable?

Topics covered:

  • The source of perception and how it influences possible futures
  • Why Imagination is crucial to the creation of possibilities
Afternoon Tea Break
  • Importance of a clear focus and purpose which are aligned with your internal map of needs
  • Designing actions as a roadmap to excellence

Day 2 Course Details


Reflecting on learning points and what came up in Day 1

Morning Tea Break

Actions are required to create results. Developing the mental attitude and planning will ensure you are unstoppable in achieving your goals. Topics covered:

  • 5 steps to help you turn actions into results
  • Making you unstoppable in the face of obstacles

Habits are critical to efficiency, and much of our actions and behaviours aren’t actually decisions but habits. Fortunately and unfortunately the brain cannot distinguish between good and bad habits. Topics covered:

  • Understanding the neuroscience Attention to create sustainable new habits
  • The wisdom of “fake it till you make it”
Afternoon Tea Break

Bring all the learning of the 2 days together and reflecting it on real life actions from the participants.

  • “Avni’s Leadership Coaching Program is refined, simple, yet powerful.  I believe this journey would benefit anyone who wants to develop as leaders and create awareness of who we are, what we are, why we are the way we are, how to evolve at a deep level to get what we are capable of.  Deeply grateful that I attended this course.”

    PA VithlaniStart-up Founder, KLAS Training
  • Avni is exceptionally committed to ensuring that she gives her utmost as a trainer. Her authenticity, humanity and humility to learn from all creates an incredible space of safety that invites deep sharing. Learning with Avni is as well thought-provoking because she honours the knowledge and experience that everyone in the room has to offer. All the necessary ingredients for a powerful learning journey.

    Roslina Chai
    Roslina ChaiFounder of MOSAIK
  • Avni is a very professional coach and committed mentor who gives 100% to whatever she decides to do. I worked with Avni to enhance my coaching skills which helped me sail through my ICF accreditation. I will choose Avni again next time I want to develop and update my coaching skills. Truly lucky to have found her as my mentor.

    Shivi Graham
    Shivi GrahamMAPP (MSc Applied Positive Psychology) and ICF Certified Coach at Positive Prana
  • Avni has been an excellent mentor and coach to me. She is extremely knowledgeable and creates a safe safe that allows the client to feel at ease to open up. She helped me break down the issues and dig deeper to get to the root of things helping me resolve them. It was an empowering experience and her style is one of great patience which make the client feel heard and also understood. Thank you Avni, I would surely recommend you to my friends and colleagues and actually I have already been doing that. Wish you all the best!

    Ruchi Parekh
    Ruchi Parekh Executive coach and lawyer
  • I have participated in Avni's ACTP Bridging Programme. Avni is one of the best coaches I have ever come across, and her coaching mentoring a highly effective way of learning how to coach on a PCC level in the shortest amount of time. She will teach you how to be completely non-judgemental, and provoke deep transformation with your clients. If you want to take your coaching skills to the next level, or get accreditation, I can warmly recommend you contact Avni.

    Mette Johansson
    Mette Johansson
  • Avni is a natural at coach training. Right throughout the training Avni had the ability to make us deeply introspect and grow, through practice coaching and feedback, and by holding up a mirror for us to be the best versions of ourselves. Avni's training sessions were highly engaging with a good mix of theory, discussions, practice and reflections. Our cohort interacted very well with each other and Avni was instrumental in ensuring each of us became clearer in addressing our developmental needs as coaches. Avni has helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about my role as a coach and has inspired me in my coaching journey.

    Nitya Rao-Perera
    Nitya Rao-PereraExecutive and a Career Development Coach
  • I can highly recommend Avni's Accredited Coach Training Program. Avni is a masterful coach, and trainer and she has the unique ability to give feedback to peer coaching sessions that is concise, actionable and provided with so much positive energy that we all grew from session to session. As all the participants were already practising coaches, Avni flexibly adjusted the training to meet the needs of the group. She used training materials, lots of peer coaching sessions, a variety of exercises, reviewed the ICF Coaching Competencies at Master Certified Coach (MCC) level, and last but not least provided access to MCC coaching sessions, which provided invaluable opportunity for us to develop our coaching skills.

    Axel Johansson
    Axel JohanssonPerformance and Leadership Coach
  • Avni is a dedicated and passionate coach trainer who goes above and beyond with her training programmes to ensure all concerned are fully equipped to serve their clients better. She also provides peer to peer mentoring for those going through accreditation to add further value to her training methods. The training modules around Organisational and Team coaching were also beneficial. Avni has spent many years honing her craft and developing training material to ensure she keeps herself and clients up to date with thoughts and best practice of the coaching industry.

    Lillian Lato
    Lillian LatoExecutive, Organisational and Career Coach
  • I am grateful to be trained by Avni to be an ICF Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) . Avni's coaching training program is in depth, comprehensive and gives personalised attention. Her passion for training and developing coaches amazes me as she gives all that she has without ever holding anything back! I’m indeed inspired by Avni's excellent grasp of what coaching truly is which ongoingly empowers me to reach newer heights as a coach. I would highly recommend Avni as a coach trainer and mentor coach. Thank you!

    Anthonia (Toni) NeoAdjunct Lecturer at Insititute of Technical Education
  • It is my privilege to learn and grow as a person, practitioner, and facilitator as I completed my ACTP Coach Training Course with Avni Martin. Avni is a brilliant coach, trainer, mentor and supervisor with a passion and presence to deeply transform people. Time and time again I observed the profound difference Avni made in her clients and students including myself with authentic care given to each individual to develop the best in them. Avni is a rare and special gem with knowledge, wisdom, and skills to optimize personal success.

    Elena Podrezo
    Elena PodrezoRelationship Coach
  • I heard about Avni's work from a friend. When I met her, my first impression was that she is caring and authentic. We started to work together to achieve a goal I always wanted but wasn't able to achieve it. After just 3 sessions with Avni, our conversation opened up so much clarity and it started to make sense to me what was stopping me and what I need to do next. Avni was able to provide just the right support for me to achieve my goals independently. Avni made a tremendous difference to my life and opened up choices that were not possible before. Thank you!

    Soumya I.
    Soumya I.
  • I had a pleasure to be a client of Avni. Within a very short time of coaching, we not only created clarity on the issue at a deeper level but also we made a shift, which helped me to move forward. Coaching with Avni was very helpful for me. Besides that, I was enjoying how gracefully and easily she brought me to self realization. Thank you very much for that! I am looking forward to have more coaching sessions.

    Natalia Leroux
    Natalia Leroux
  • Avni is a very compassionate and diligent coach. Both, in my Assistant Coach Module - 1, sessions and in my coach-coachee interactions with her, I was left inspired and motivated. I respect her patient and firm approach through which she helps us arrive at the desired outcome. What is commendable about her is that she is also open to suggestions and ideas to make a larger difference to people around her. She is a truly inspiring individual and a highly professional coach.

    Aparna Saxena
    Aparna Saxena
  • Avni guided me and helped me so much to improve my life. She was my life coach for a few months and we reached many goals together. She is very understanding and genuinely wants to help people. Avni has a great attitude towards life which is certainly contagious! She has made a big positive impact in me, for which I will always be thankful. I absolutely recommend Avni as a life coach with no doubt.

    Carla Sepulveda
    Carla Sepulveda
  • After a coaching session with Avni I felt so much more clarity in the things that I should address on my path to personal and career development. She really helped me to view my situation in a way that I hadn't been able to see. Specifically, her counsel was invaluable in being able to identify the right questions to ask myself to overcome some patterns I had become stuck in. I would very much recommend you speak with her if your aim is to become more effective in life and work.

    Adam Graveley
    Adam Graveley
  • “Avni is a passionate and dedicated person with a lot of empathy.  She is very good in understanding people and help them unlock their full potential.  She generally goes above and beyond the normal coaching classes boundaries to ensure that attendees get the full benefit from the coaching.  I am sure you will get a lot out of her classes.”

    R Boido
    R BoidoIT Director
  • ’The knowledge, wisdom and passion in the program delivered by Avni Martin has made a direct impact in the way I relate to others and life. It has empowered me further to generate greater wealth for myself and others with sharper focus. It’s a fantastic investment for anyone who wants to maximize the potential for themselves and others!’’

    Laura AlonsoSuccess Strategy Consultant, Mumpreneur
  • “Avni Martin is an exceptionally perceptive coach and trainer. Avni is wise, compassionate and focused on results. I have deeply benefited from using her services, both one-to-one and in group coaching sessions. I would recommend anyone to use her services if they wish to create breakthroughs and go past their limits in life.”

    C Lucas
    C LucasMD
  • “The ICF Certified Associate Coach training provided by Avni has met my expectations both at the professional and personal level. The series of program were conducted in small groups within a cosy and safe environment which provided ample opportunities to apply my skills through peer coaching and encouraged a deeper level of sharing amongst the participants. Following the graduation, it is not just another professional certification acquired but the invaluable friendship I have developed with my fellow course mates as well as Avni. Avni’s loving, personable and generous nature are her key differentiators. In my opinion, her dedication towards developing Professional Coaches, well-blended with a high level of drive and visionary outlook will soon take her to the next level of achievement.”

    Rachel Lee
    Rachel LeeSenior Regional Director, Far East Asia Pacific at T.D. Williamson Pte Ltd, Certified Coach
  • “I was lucky to find Avni to teach me coaching! She’s a fantastic coach, a great trainer and has in-depth knowledge of her subject. She works with you on your unique learning ability and challenges to help you make a better coach. Her strong fundamentals and values along with her personal touch, warmth and friendship made the coach training a great learning experience for me. Highly recommend her as a coach and for any coach training sessions!”

    Pooja Arora
    Pooja AroraFounder & Managing Partner, FlexTalent